What type of submissions are you looking for?

We are looking for both written and video content.

The written content can be anything - a breaking story, a fact based analysis, an op-ed, an open letter, or a think piece. The only qualifier is that it must satisfy ConSpot’s Mission Statement. Send your pitch or even a whole article to alex@conspot.news.

The video content is a little more specific. We accept ongoing submissions for our Vlog series: “Live From My Couch,” which consists of short 3 to 5 minute explainers filmed from people’s own residences. See an example here. If interested, send your pitch to alex@conspot.news.


Do I have to be a professional journalist to submit pieces?

No, we are looking for work from all walks of life. As long as you adhere to ConSpot’s unabashedly liberal and opinionated philosophy, your work will be considered.


Will I be compensated for my work?

No, unfortunately we are not at the stage where we can compensate all of our wonderful contributors. What we can do is provide you a platform to post leftist opinions that other outlets might consider too radical.


How can I support Con Spot?

We subsist on donations. If you can, please consider becoming a Patron on our Patreon page. Thank you in advance for your support!


What if I want to support you, but I am uncomfortable with reoccuring donations?

You are amazing! We also accept donations via Paypal


Where would I share a great tip or idea for a story?

We accept feedback, suggestions, and actionable news items on all our social media platforms. Try our contact page here


Why do my comments keep getting taken down?

It could be a technical error. And if so, I’d ask you to use our contact page here.

Keep in mind that this site does not support the idea that all ideas are worthy of consideration. If you post hate speech or harassment, it will be taken down. Repeat offenders will be banned.