"I Need HELP" Survey


WHAT IS THIS? ConSpot's mission is to do more than simply break down the news -- the point of this survey is to connect you with people nearby that have the skills and the will to help you with your mission. The info from the survey will be used exclusively for this purpose - it will not be used for any promotional purpose (we do have a newsletter, which you can sign up for separately on the homepage, if you like).

HOW DOES THIS WORK? You fill out the survey, and when someone enters our database with the skillset(s) you requested we will connect you with them via email. The two of you will then take it from there!

UMMMM, I ACTUALLY WANT TO DO THE HELPING...? We got you covered. Fill out the "I Want To Help" survey instead.

DISCLAIMER: We promise not to sell your information to third parties.  If this is related to an emergency situation, please call 911.