Operation 45 - the Organization trying to Keep the Trump Administration Honest

Once a month ConSpot is going to spotlight an initiative that needs your money. Unlike organizations like the ACLU or Planned Parenthood, which are wonderful and need your money,  too, these spotlights will focus on initiatives that are trying to do something specific in the resistance, where even small donations will go a long way.

What Happens to the Progress We Thought We Made?

We thought our day was coming sooner than it now appears to have been coming after all. So now, we must carefully absorb our loss, in order that we may use it as fuel to propel us towards the goals which are simply further out than we thought they would be.

This is hard, but it's been hard for others in the past, in some cases much, much harder.

Arty RiveraComment
Julian Assange - The Man That Wants To Watch All of Journalism Burn

Julian Assange is a controversial figure in the world of information and intelligence. His organization Wikileaks has unearthed a lot of government overreach, but what are his intentions in doing so? Wikileaks played an outsized role during the 2016 general election. Were Assange’s intentions purely ideological or was there something darker at play?