Please Stop Wearing Red Baseball Caps

Dear Anti Trumpers That Happen To Like Sports,


If your team’s color is red, please stop wearing red baseball caps. I know that it's not a fair request. Your team has certainly had dibs on the color red longer than our current president, but for many people Make-America-Great-Again (MAGA) hats have become a symbol of fear.

Every time I see one of those hats from the corner of my peripheral vision, I have to make a split second decision whether I am dealing with a friend or a foe. It’s terrifying. Several weeks ago I entered a subway car wearing anti-Trump paraphernalia (it was pink and knitted), and found myself surrounded by red hats. It took me a terrifying few seconds to realize I wasn't going to get beaten, just that I was surrounded by Cardinals fans on their way back from a game. It was exhausting.

We are living in an age of increasing bigotry and racism. About a month ago, a gay man in my city of Washington, DC was allegedly punched repeatedly in the face by teenagers wearing MAGA hats. Organization like the Southern Poverty Law Center have noted an uptick in hate crimes, and hate groups. Donald Trump’s ascendency to power is believed to be a major factor why.

I know that you wouldn’t dream of perpetuating a hate crime. It’s just that right now the apparel you are wearing is very close, aesthetically speaking, to a hate symbol. I am going to be a tad hyperbolic for a second, so forgive me, but if your team had a logo similar to a swastika, would you still wear it? The answer, barring obvious religious exceptions, would be no, because you are a decent, empathetic person. It’s the same thing with red baseball hats.

I am not telling you to stop having team pride. By all means, go nuts. Deck yourself out in team scarfs, hoodies, buttons, and face paint. Just skip the red hat.

If you could do this for me and the countless others that are living in fear of the 50 million Americans that are okay with condoning bigotry, then it would be much appreciated.



A Fellow Anti-Trumper.