Donald Trump Hospitalized - Possible Heart Attack

Donald Trump was rushed to George Washington University Hospital early this morning at around 6:52 AM.  Some unverified sources have claimed that the President suffered a heart attack. 

The controversial businessman and TV personality was rumored last month to be treated for minor cardio vascular issues.

Trump's doctor and friend Dr. Harold N. Bornstein claims that Trump is in excellent health, and that a heart attack is "very unlikely." Press Secretary Sean Spicer has labeled this story "Fake News."

Officials have not released any details at this time.

Fans have already taken to social media to express their emotions with the hashtags #WESTANDWITHTRUMP #PRAYERSFORTRUMP #TRUMP4EVER.




We at Con Spot believe that Trump is a little bitch. April Fools, motherfuckers. 

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