Operation 45 - the Organization trying to Keep the Trump Administration Honest

Source: Operation 45

Source: Operation 45

Once a month ConSpot is going to spotlight an initiative that needs your money. Unlike organizations like the ACLU or Planned Parenthood, which are wonderful and need your money,  too, these spotlights will focus on initiatives that are trying to do something specific in the resistance, where even small donations will go a long way.

This month we’ve chosen Operation 45, which is an initiative spearheaded by activists Ryan Shapiro, Jefferey Light, and Sarahjane Blum. The aim of the eerily named Operation 45 (we call dibs on the band spinoff) is to keep the Trump administration honest, or at the very least, to make their lies known publically.

This organization specializes in the acquisition of Freedom of Information Act Requests, which are essentially formal requests to access records from any given federal agency. This right derives from the 1967 Freedom of Information Act. Any U.S. citizen can technically request such information, but because a great deal of requests get bogged down by everything from national security concerns, to bureaucratic inertia, to added fees, a fair amount of expertise (and money) is needed to even file one.

This is exactly the expertise Shapiro and company offer. The information this dream team has acquired over the years has lead to such feats as revealing the FBI’s anti-communist crusade against Nelson Mandela, exposing the CIA’s attempt to spy on the US Senate Intelligence committee’s investigation of CIA-related torture, and most recently, an extortion threat made by Trump Casino associates.

All of these efforts requires money. It may sound dull to support an organization's efforts to file paperwork on Americans’ behalf, but it's super important. The information these activists acquire could very well become the basis for damning investigations against the Trump Administration, and perhaps even 45 himself.  

Support Operation 45 here.

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