Life After Hate

Source: ;   Odyssey Networks; founder of Life After Hate Arno Michaelis

Source: ;   Odyssey Networks; founder of Life After Hate Arno Michaelis

Once a month ConSpot is going to spotlight an initiative that needs your money. Unlike organizations like the ACLU or Planned Parenthood, which are wonderful and need your money,  too, these spotlights will focus on initiatives that are trying to do something specific in the resistance, where even small donations will go a long way.

The Trump administration has curtailed a lot of financial support for existing initiatives. From cutting funding for healthcare signups to slashing disaster funding for various agencies, many groups are struggling to survive with less money and a greater demand for their services.

During the final days of the Obama administration, $10 million was funneled to over 30 organizations with the explicit goal of counteracting White Supremacy. This was not a controversial move, and many expected the funding to remain in place. One of the funded groups was the organization Life After Hate,

Life After Hate is an anti-hate nonprofit with the explicit aim of helping people leave the white power movement. For many members of White Supremacist groups, the ability to leave is not as simple as renouncing a political ideology. These values are often learned from their family members and peers. The decision to walk away from the movement often means walking away from their loved ones. Through their initiative ExitUSA, Life After Hate tries to provide potential defectors with the tools to leave the movement.

Life After Hate was founded by a former White Supremacist, and has a team of defectors on staff to help create an empathetic connection with those trying to leave.

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